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We are dedicated to producing the highest quality sweet onions.

Vidalia sweet onions have always been the benchmark at Shuman Farms, but their availability is seasonal (mid-April to late August). To ensure customers get the best-tasting, highest-quality sweet onions all year long, we have growing ventures in Texas, Mexico, and Peru. These regions provide the best quality onions throughout the year. We also offer organic sweet onions, an important part of the program as the organics category continues to grow and become more popular.

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In 2002, John Shuman, President and CEO of Shuman Farms, founded Healthy Family Project | Produce for Kids, a cause-marketing organization dedicated to creating a healthier generation and giving back to families across the country. Since the program's inception, Healthy Family Project has raised more than $7 million for families and children in need. Healthy Family Project's Produce for Kids campaigns are executed in more than 3,000 stores across 33 states, partnering with more than 50 produce and other health-conscious brands to spread the message of healthy eating.

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Buck Shuman, father of Shuman Farms' President & CEO John Shuman, has been in the Vidalia® sweet onion business for more than 35 years. From farming to seed development, Mr. Buck has helped create some of the most popular Vidalia onion varieties planted in the industry today. When John restarted the family farm in the mid-1990s, it was important to him to carry on the farming traditions and work ethic his dad passed down. Today, Shuman Farms' Mr. Buck's brand conveys everything Mr. Buck stands for: his love of the land, his friendship to everyone, his smile, and his integrity. We believe you can taste the Shuman family's legacy in every bag of Mr. Buck's.

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