About Shuman Farms

Welcome to Vidalia® Country

Headquartered in the center of the Vidalia® growing region in southeast Georgia, family-owned Shuman Farms has been in the sweet onion industry for more than 30 years. Our legacy began in the mid-1980s with a small family farm in Reidsville, GA. Today, we are an industry-leading, year-round grower and shipper of sweet onions.

After decades of farming and growing the world's sweetest onions, we continue to proudly share with you what has been part of our family through three generations. To us, it's always been about more than just onions. It's about growing a family, a business, a culture of giving back and a product that we're proud to share.

We are dedicated to producing the highest quality sweet onions. Our sweet onions are harvested by hand, and then moved to state-of-the-art packing facilities where they are further dries, cleaned, sorted and graded for shipping. Sophisticated systems guarantee the quality of RealSweet sweet onions throughout our year-round sweet onion program.

Vidalia sweet onions have always been the benchmark at Shuman Farms, but their availability is seasonal (mid-April to late August). To ensure customers get the best-tasting, highest-quality sweet onions all year long, we have growing ventures in Peru, Texas, and Mexico. These regions provide the best quality onions throughout the year. We also offer organic sweet onions, an important part of the program as the organics category continues to grow and become more popular.

We firmly believe in giving back in the communities where are products are sold. That's why we founded programs like Produce for Kids, which has raised more than $7 million for children's charities and helps families eat healthier. Working with organizations like Produce for Kids and Feeding America has allowed us to not only help children eat healthier, but has also helped us provide support to those families who face hunger every day.

We're still a family-owned business today, and we pride ourselves on providing the sweetest, highest quality and safest sweet onions available. We hope you enjoy our products in your family meals as much as our  family enjoys growing them.

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